About the job
Job Summary

Certified Medical Assistants (CMA) are a vital part of the clinical team and provide the highest courtesy, respect, and customer service to Urology San Antonio’s patients. This position is responsible for meeting and exceeding patient expectations and adhering to established practices while assuring the best possible care for patients. The CMA works closely with Physicians, manages the EMR treatment rooms. The CMA must be an excellent multi-tasker, dependable, adaptive, and a self-motivator. The CMA performs a variety of tasks including phlebotomy, urinary catheterization, and catheter care/changes, foley catheter care, medication administration, and injections, bladder irrigations and installations, dipstick urinalysis with microscopic analysis (includes sending for cultures), pessary care and cleanings, bladder scans, assists with minor patients with minor in-office procedures, as well as overall patient assessment.

Duties And Essential Job Functions

Prepares patients for a visit by accompanying them to the exam room Introduces self using AIDET skills
Provides instruction on specimen collection and takes vital signs
Verifies patient information and medical history
Maintains patient confidence and protects patient information according to HIPAA standards
Takes blood pressure and weights patient, and documents inpatient EMR
Elicits and documents medical history, surgical history, present medications, allergies, allergic response, consents, and tests results
Completes MIPS assessment on all patients
Follows all office policies, procedure guidelines, and protocols for the collection of urine, and urinalysis under physician supervision
Supports patient care delivery by assisting providers during examinations & procedures, performing necessary laboratory tests on-premises, sterilizing medical instruments, drawing blood, authorizing drug refills as directed, and preparing rooms for exams procedures, and tests
Handles voiding trials, catheterizations, catheter changes, uroflows, teach self-catheterization and give injections
Collects blood samples for requested lab, applies appropriate labeling and preparation for transport to the appropriate lab
Follows the Rights of Medication Administrator and prepares medications for administartion
Conducts bladder instillations and/or bladder irrigatons, and completes documentation of procedure and patient response
Facilitates the removal of urethral catheters and nephrostomy tubes as ordered
Administers the removal of sutures and staples as ordered
Performs pessary care, 2) PTNS procedures, 3) assists with InterStim reprogramming
Obtains Prior Authorizations for required medications (such as Prolia, Xgeva)
Ensures that scheduled procedures have appropriate equipment and supplies available, such as Botox, Testopel, bladder biopsies, and fulgurations
Facilitates completion of FMLA paperwork

Chart Preparation

Reviews notes in EMR of patients coming into the clinic to ensure that all necessary tests and x-ray results are on hand
Ensure that diagnostic tests are scheduled and completed prior to the next patient appointment
Evaluates diagnostic studies and has the Physician sign reports, by documenting and sending a copy of the note to the Physician in EMR
Reviews notes in charts of patients returning to the clinic to ensure that all necessary equipment and medications are available
Reviews patient EMR for appropriate insurance authorizations for procedures and high dollar medications (Cystoscopy, Bladder Scans, Bladder Instillations, Sonograms, and CT Scans)

Patient Safety

Assists patients to undressing and get onto exam table, and positions patient properly
Clears the exam room of obstacles and slippery areas
Examines instruments for proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilization
Follows aseptic and clean techniques appropriately

Handles Patient Phone Calls

Relay calls to physicians for complaints, adverse reactions, and request for refills in a timely manner.
Reassure, provide information, or relay message as appropriate in a timely manner
Documents all calls as a communication in EMR
Routes all test or procedure reports to physicians for signature through EMR.
Checks drug samples for expiration date
Calls in Physician approved refill prescriptions and documents in the patient EMR

Other Functions And Responsibilities

This job description does not cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities required. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with and without notice.

Patient & Customer Focus
Ethical Conduct
Personal Effectiveness/Credibility
Stress Management/Composure
Ability to work in a team-oriented environment with a positive attitude and willingness to take initiative
Ability to multi-task in a high-volume environment
Keen attention to details
Ability to empathize with patients in need of care
Maintain a neat, professional appearance



Certified Medical Assistant (Successful completion of CMA Exam (AMAA)
Graduate of a Medical Assistant program from an accredited college or technical school
High School diploma or GED


Certified Medical Assistant with two years of Urology experience