About the job
Full-time (40 hrs/wk) position working as a hands-on medical assistant in a Concord, MA, Cambridge, MA and Waltham, MA based Dermatology practice. Must have the ability to travel between offices. Candidates that stay a minimum of 14 months will be eligible for a bonus equivalent to one week’s gross pay.


One-on-one assignment with a physician/dermatologist
Responsible for inputting/obtaining patient data and transcribing visit details
Assisting in various procedures including surgical excisions, biopsies, laser treatments, Botox and fillers, etc.
Opportunities to learn interpreting of pathology results and to coordinate patient care

Job Requirements

Minimum education: Bachelors degree
Facility with computers and tablets
Transportation to travel between 3 offices: Concord, MA, Waltham, MA and Cambridge, MA
Strong interpersonal skills
Willingness/desire to learn clinical medicine on a steep learning curve
Ability to take in and process information quickly
Multitasking in a fast paced environment


Learn the specialty of Dermatology prior to medical school
Exposure to outpatient medicine
Advice/support regarding medical school application