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We’re Growing!

Are you a Certified Medical Assistant looking to start a career in Aesthetics? Are you seeking a job with a fast-paced working environment where you are able to help patients look and feel their best? If so, Carolina Age Management Institute is the place for you!

Carolina Age Management Institute has grown tremendously with locations in Hickory (Rock Barn), Birkdale, and Greensboro. With this growth, we are in need of a Certified Medical Assistant to assist our Medical Director and Physician’s Assistant with injection, laser, and additional Aesthetic Procedures.

Medical Assistant Job Description

Responsible for assistance and flow of Medical Director, PA or any other delegated Provider’s daily schedule. The Medical Assistant will be the Provider’s “right hand” in engaging and managing patients through a variety of tasks related to patient care, organization, and communication. Responsible for obtaining patient records, administrative tasks, preparing treatment rooms and assisting the practitioners during procedures to ensure the efficiency of the daily patient flow. The goal is to achieve all activities accurately, with highest quality of care. Additionally, you should also be able to deal with emergencies in a timely and effective manner, while maintaining clinical operations. Multitasking and adaptability are essential for this position.

Patient Management

Responsible for treating each patient with respect, ensuring stellar customer service is provided. Understands the patients desired treatment plan, explaining options that may be available to them. Understands and uncovers the “why” in each consultation or appointment, explain all to provider. Completes History and Physical using CAMI template and protocol, interviewing patients and documenting medical history. Acts as scribe, recording in detail the consultation, appointment, and procedure. Works with Patient Care Coordinator to obtain sales quote, working to find a solution for the patient to be able to move forward with procedure.

Time Management

Ensures Medical Director, PA, or assigned provider visits each patient in a timely manner, finding ways to maximize time spent in room with each patient. Manages daily schedule to visit each patient on time, communicating with front desk if running behind so patients waiting may be notified. Handles multiple patients needs in a timely manner, checking in on each patient if provider is running behind.

Room Turnover Management

Responsible for preparing and cleaning treatment rooms and medical instruments, following specific guidelines set by CAMI. Ensures each morning before opening and each evening before closing that rooms are properly cleaned, stocked, and ready for patients. Ensures each treatment room is a professional and welcoming atmosphere to enhance quality of service and care offered to patients and for provider(s). It is to be expected that there is a backup of each tool including but not limited to vibrator, loops, numbing cream, skincare backbar, mirrors, etc. Rooms being properly prepared for patients also includes but is not limited to: Marketing Materials, TV presentations turned on, Brochures, etc. Responsible for checking all equipment at the beginning of each day to ensure all is in proper working order and turning equipment off at night.

Inventory Management

Responsible for ensuring each room is properly labeled, stocked, and ready for any and all procedures applicable to specific treatment room. Notifies appropriate individual if injectables, medical supplies, or any other items necessary are out of stock in a timely manner to ensure there is time to order. As a general rule, if you are down to the last few items or boxes, let the appropriate person know so that there is time for the product to arrive. Responsible for unboxing and stocking any shipments, notifying Practice Manager of any items that were missing from order. Botox and fillers put away

Procedural Assistance

Assists Provider in medical, cosmetic and laser procedures. Understands how to direct to patient flow and anticipate provider’s next steps to the best of their ability, including providing the tools needed to complete the procedure and remain efficient. Assists with surgical, cosmetic and medical treatments and procedures, being proactive in answering patient inquiries with accurate answers regarding controlling outcome expectations, post-procedure downtime, general pricing, and post-operative care inquiries.

Attention to Detail

Because the work is highly precise in nature, it requires very strong attention to detail. It is vital for the work output to be very high quality, with correct results, time and time again. Checking and double-checking is often necessary; being patient and conscientious at all times. Both the content and the presentation are important; all work must be highly polished. The established procedures and processes must be followed very closely; there is little room or necessity to modify them. These details include but are not limited to setting rooms up, charting, follow up calls, etc.

Follow-Up Calls and Charting

Same day charting is mandatory and expected. Utilization of snip-its in Patient Now are crucial to complete this to ensure nothing is missed. Responsible for a follow up call 2 days after the procedure if it is more invasive, filler, BBL, etc. or 7 days for Botox. This must be notated in Patient Now.

Patient Care and Awareness

Utilizes active listening, giving full attention to what patients are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times. Speaking and communicating effectively as appropriate for the needs of the audience. Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. Works to understand the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making. Using social perceptiveness to effectively remain aware of others’ reactions and understanding why the reaction is occurring. 

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