About the job

We’re really glad you are reading this…

And since you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for a change of some sort. So to help you decide if you should keep going or hit the back button, here are a couple things to consider…

Who We Are & What We Care About

We have spent years building a collaborative, team-driven culture that is bigger than the sum of its parts. We have Core Values, and we believe in them. In fact, here they are:

We take care of each other.
We find a better way.
We take our negatives up.
We shatter expectations.
We always get back up.
We are worth imitating.
We protect our profits.
We believe in change.

We also believe in having fun, working hard, and being honest with one another. And while our industry is countercultural, we don’t really fit in with other plastic surgery people. We’re just a bunch of normal people who think plastic surgery should be normal and that it actually change people’s lives… like, for real changes people’s lives.

We Sell Confidence, Not Botox

We’re a plastic surgery and medspa practice—but don’t think for a second that our “product” is breast implants or botox. Nope. Our product is CONFIDENCE.

Why? Because the way a person feels about their body affects every single aspect of their lives. So many people are held back, embarrassed, insecure and ashamed… all because of loose skin around their stomach, the size of their breasts, or some specific imperfections on their face.

We want to help people be free of these burdens, and to help them have the courage to invest in their own confidence.

The Role

Here are some fundamental job responsibilities: Knowledge of a medical practice, medical equipment, clinic patient flow, EMR computer navigation, data entry into patient’s medical records, assisting in procedures, multi-tasking for the team, detail oriented and flexible, and a desire to provide unreasonable excellence to our patients.

Want To Apply?

So what are you waiting for?? Get started on a cover letter that explains why you want to join our team. Please email joinameliastl@askamelia.com and include your resume and a few words on why you want to join our team.

We can’t wait to meet you!!