About the job

POSITION: Medical Assistant

JOB SUMMARY: Responsible for assisting the physician with patient care including taking vital signs, obtaining history and chief complaint; assisting with biopsies and select surgery procedures. Other responsibilities include patient education on treatment plans and medication, nursing procedures, such as suture removal, dressing changes, allergen patch testing, and completion of pathology and lab requisition documents.


1. Primary Duties

• Escorts patients to exam rooms in order of appointment times. Obtains short history and vital signs as required by patient’s chief complaint. Obtains or updates medication list if necessary. Sets up exam room according to scheduled procedure or anticipate physicians needs if non-scheduled procedure is likely.

• Assists physician with biopsies and surgical procedures such as excisions, 

• Educates patient as required after physician establishes the treatment plan. Ensures that the patient understands the treatment plan, understands the proper use of their medications, and understands their responsibility for compliance with the treatment plan prior to leaving the office.

• Straightens and cleans exam rooms after patient visits.

• Performs nursing procedures such as suture removal, dressing changes, allergen patch testing, and chemical wart therapy, without direct physician supervision.

• Completely and correctly fills out all required pathology and laboratory requisition documents for patients as required by physician. Provides clinical staff with all completed documents for data entry into the biopsy book.

• Completely and correctly fills out all required FMLA forms, post surgery doctor notes (excuse from gym, work , etc) 

• Obtain pre-auth for any medications / CT Scans/ MRI post-surgery

• Follow-up with all results CT Scans/ MRI post-surgery

2. Secondary Duties

• Stocks all exam rooms.

• Performs all duties related to medical instrument cleaning and sterilization.

• Notifies clinical staff of supplies needed to avoid shortages.

• Inventory – Injectables, Fillers, Botox

• Performs other duties and tasks as needed.